Who We Are

WFUV Public Radio has been putting its heart and soul into creating great music radio for a long time. And we've got a good thing going, with hundreds of thousands of fans who listen all the time, in and around our New York City home and (since nineteen-hundred-and-something) streaming online all over the planet.

We wouldn't want to imply that our lives weren't totally fulfilling as it was, but we'd found ourselves stepping outside the WFUV music world, since there are so many great indie artists playing in our neighborhoods and on our iPods. Our friends noticed the same thing and while we all happily listened to the FUV music mix all day, we sometimes needed a fix of something a little different.

What's a music lover to do? Start a new station!

We call it The Alternate Side.

Of course you can't just post a big new antenna in your yard (full props to those hard workers at the FCC), so we put the station online. And thanks to HD Radio, we can lock in that 90.7 signal in our cars and bedrooms and switch over to Channel 3 for some live digital love. Plus you can hear us weekday mornings from 6am-Noon on WNYE 91.5 FM, and on WFUV 90.7 FM from 10pm-Midnight on weeknights, here in New York City.

What do you hear on The Alternate Side? Old and new indie favorites - not just rock, but electronica, world, dance, hip hop and whatever makes us smile. We let you know about the new artists we find, the concert events we're looking forward to, and our favorite whatevers of all time. Our friends are out there making some great music.

But this is a two-way street. For every song you hear that you like, we want to hear about one of your favorites. Who gets you out on a Tuesday night at midnight? What's the last  MP3 you downloaded or CD you bought at a show and burned for your friend who lives in some unfortunate town with no good music? If we like 'em, we'll play 'em.

I guess you could say that we thought there was a gap in the scene. Sure, you can hear alternative rock music, and now and then someone real or local. But, let's just say, we've lived here a long time, and we've seen a lot of that stuff come and go.

- The TAS Crew

Thanks to...

Launching this channel was possible thanks to support from The New York State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. This web site was created with support from the Public Media Innovation Fund of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The Alternate Side is a proud part of WFUV Public Radio from Fordham University,
90.7 FM on your New York dial and online at wfuv.org.