The Wytches: TAS In Session

The Wytches' Kristian Bell, Daniel Rumsey and Gianni Honey have a lot of influences that might not be immediately plain by listening to the group's debut, Annabel Dream Reader. This makes for a rich and rewarding listening experience beyond the Black Sabbath and Misfits foundation that their name suggests. The Wytches are back in New York, playing Brooklyn's Baby's All Right on November 22 and Mercury Lounge on November 24.  Watch videos of The Wytches in Studio A and listen to the session now in the FUV Vault or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE today, November 21, at 11am EST, also streaming online.

Metronomy: TAS In Session

Despite the somewhat wistful lyrics scattered across the breadth of Metronomy's most recent release, Love Letters, frontman Joseph Mount is really quite content. For Metronomy's set for The Alternate Side and FUV, Mount and bandmate Oscar Cash played "The Upsetter" and "Reservoir," two highlights from Love Letters. They also offered up some candid and surprisingly harsh opinions on aging and rock and roll (only Robert Plant escapes unscathed) and discussed the band's video-making experience with director Michel Gondry. Watch videos from Metronomy's set, listen to the session now in the FUV Vault or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE today, November 7, at 11a.m. EST, also streaming online.

Panama Wedding: TAS In Session

The New York City-based band Panama Wedding is the synth-pop ensemble behind the hit single “All Of The People.” The exuberant pop song reached nearly one million plays on the band’s SoundCloud, and the mastermind behind Panama Wedding, Peter Kirk, believes their popularity has yet to peak. The band, which plays Rough Trade on November 5, has released its debut EP, Parallel Play, and a full-length album is expected to follow soon. Watch videos of Panama Wedding play a set of songs in Studio A, listen to the session in the FUV Vault now or on The Alternate Side on 91.5 WNYE today, October 31, at 11a.m. EDT, also streaming online. 

Highasakite: TAS In Session

Like a brooding Nordic Noir novel, Highasakite's second album, Silent Treatment, brims with menacing chapters: tracks bearing bellicose titles like "The Hand Grenade," "Iran" and "Darth Vader" don't promise a sweet outcome. But the Norwegian quintet's sound, as darkly conceived as it might be, is elevated by lushly cinematic, often upbeat arrangements, urged forward by Ingrid Helene Håvik's pensively pretty vocals. Not long ago, Highasakite visited FUV and The Alternate Side's Studio A for a live session and a conversation. Watch videos of the band in Studio A and listen to the entire session now in the FUV Vault or on TAS on 91.5 WNYE today, October 17, at 11a.m. EDT, also streaming online.  

Future Islands: FUV Live

Future Islands has spent a decade releasing albums that mix eclectic genres, from synth-splashed pop to harder-edged rock with a hip-hop heart. Yet after three albums, tireless touring and relocating from their native North Carolina to Baltimore, the trio erupted into mainstream consciousness this year with their fourth release, Singles, and via a galvanizing appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman." Future Islands recently travelled to the Bronx for an FUV Live session and conversation—well, mostly the chatty and effusive Herring spoke—about their early years in North Carolina, the group's place in Baltimore's Wham City art collective and their dazzling year. Watch videos of Future Islands in Studio A and listen to the session in the FUV Vault now.

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